The ALDO Project

The ALDO (Adults with a Learning Disability, Observatory of Best Practise), project will instigate a series of European research studies to identify successful educational projects in the area ICT in education and training of disabled people...


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Project Milestones

  • Expected impact of the project +

    This is not just a project that looks inward at policies and practices in the partner countries. It will place a considerable emphasis on engaging educationalists and project promoters in all 27 Member States to identify best practice approaches for further exploitation.

    Beyond the life-cycle of the project the online observatory will be maintained and in addition to maintaining access for those already signed-up it will be used into the future as a key discussion forum.

  • Work Packages +

    WP1: Project Management
    WP2: Quality Assurance
    WP3: Research
    WP4: Assessment
    WP5: Teacher Training Resources
    WP 6: Dissemination
    WP 7: Exploitation

  • Key Deliverables +

    The establishment of Special Teams in each Partner country

    2 face-to-face and 3 online Project Team Meetings and 5 face-to-face Special Team Meetings

    A partner resource area of the project web-site

    A Project Website and Observatory of best practice

    A series of local dissemination seminars, 2 per partner country

    A transnational conference to be held in Belgium

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